Adjunct Nursing Professor Needs

Benefits of Becoming an Adjunct Nursing Professor:

  • Supplemental Income
  • Ability to give-back to the community and the profession
  • Mentor the next generation of nurses
  • Provide a necessary service in reducing the shortage of qualified nurses
  • Use skills and knowledge gained through your career

Overview of the Position:

  1. Adjunct means you are employed someplace else and you may teach but have no direct line toward becoming tenured. You are part-time faculty with no benefits, etc.
  2. In order to teach Graduate (Master/ doctoral) You must hold a PhD
  3. In order to teach BSN you must hold a Master’s Degree
  4. In order to teach ADN/rn and LPN you must have a BSN and community colleges will let you teach with an ADN if you are working on your BSN
  5. CU, UNC, CSU, REGIS and University of Phoenix offer BSN and Masters while CU and UNC offer PhD in addition to BSN and MS
  6. Metro State offers a BSN and a specific course in teaching in schools of Nursing
  7. To become a teacher you must take a methods, curriculum instruction and teaching Practicum courses
  8. CU, UNC, Metro, Regis, Colorado College and Phoenix should all have teaching curricular
  9. Someone can teach part-time and work part time especially at a place like Metro where all of the classes are offered on one day.
  10. Teachers usually teach in their area of discipline. Pediatric Nurses teach Pediatrics, Med/Surg Nurses teach Med/Surg, simply because they have practiced the discipline and know it inside-out
  11. Team Teaching – where two or three faculty teach portions of a course or different sections of the same course. They collaborate on the curriculum, the syllabus, the exams, and the clinical. It works well when they are all in support of each other’s teaching style and methods.
  12. Online is the newest mode and it can be one-way or interactive.
  13. Distance Learning is a concept taught at the University of New York at Albany. The students receive self-paced materials from faculty in New York and do their practicum anywhere else in the country and get tested at the practicum site.