Active Memberships – $50/year

Active membership is open to individuals who are involved in their own organization’s healthcare recruitment efforts.


  • Special events and continuing education opportunities throughout the year, such as lectures and discussions on current recruitment topics featuring local and national expers.
  • Networking and establishing camaraderie with peers.
  • Sharing information on local and national recruiting events.
  • Opportunity for immediate feedback on topics related to recruitment and retention via email to DAHCRA members.
  • Corporate Membership– $150/year

    Corporate Membership may be granted to organizations interested in supporting the goals and mission of DAHCRA. This category of membership is designed to give people who are ineligible for active membership an opportunity to support the association. This is a 12-month membership, starting when the membership dues are received. One primary member will receive communications. This is the individual that should complete the membership application.

    • Companies, or divisions of companies, whose sole business is placing traveling healthcare professionals are eligible for corporate membership. No part-time temporary help agency, personnel placement agency, nor individuals employed by such agencies will be granted corporate membership status.
    • Corporate membership will be for a one-year period, renewable in a rolling calendar from the date of receipt of membership dues, and may be renewed yearly after application to the Executive Board of DAHCRA. Such members are ineligible to vote as a member, or to hold any office in the Association. These members may not participate in committees, unless approved by the Board.
    • Corporate members are permitted to attend general membership meetings, unless otherwise specified by the Association President or designate. Adequate notification of an “active membership only” meeting will be given prior to any regularly scheduled meeting. If the regular corporate member is unable to attend a meeting, he or she may designate another individual from the company to attend. Solicitation is not the intent of such membership, and will not be permitted in any form.

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Questions about Membership? Contact our Membership Coordinator, Lin Browning.
Questions about Payment? Contact our Treasurer, Danielle Kombo.